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Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
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IMO: Yes, the spirituality of science is desire to look for the truth.
The phrase "neti-neti" which is commonly used the Vedanta is a the answer to the question, is this the truth.  So the journey for finding the truth continues.
Science starts with a hypothesis, designs an experimental model, conducts the experiment, observes the results and arrives at the conclusion.  If conclusion "superimposes" with hypothesis then one finds the truth. If this does not match then the scientist refines his hypothesis and repeats his experiment.  IMO - This the utilization of "neti-neti" concept and thus science and spiritual concepts have a direct consistent relationship.
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> Hi All:
> Is science logically consistent? By which I mean, is the understanding of a
> concept in one branch of science used consistently in every other branch?

Hmm perhaps this question might get a better answer in a philosophy of science list but my understanding is this.  While the fundemental underpinnings of science aren't 100% settled yet, most scientists have hope that they can be.

Or I have heard it put this way: All of biology is a branch of chemistry, all of chemistry is a branch of physics, and all of physics is a branch of mathematics!

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