[Advaita-l] Importance of Sampradaya

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While it is correct that a student should be intent on knowledge to the exclusion of all else, I think there is a mixture of different pada-s here. The saying goes

kAmAturANAM na bhayaM na lajjA
vidyAturANAM na sukhaM na nidrA
kshudAturANAM na rucir na pakvaM ...

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> Dear members
> Yes,students were encouraged to ask questions to clear their misgivings 
> without feeling shy.There is a sanskrit verse which says -Vidhyathuranam na 
> ruchir, na lajja.During student days especially in gurukul days of yore an 
> aspirant of vidhya should not mind the taste of food which can be extended 
> to activities not relating to study and also should not feel shy to get his 
> doubts cleared fully.The guru was willing to explain any number of times and 
> he will not move to the next step unless the whole group/class had 
> understood.R.Krishnamoorthy
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