[Advaita-l] Importance of Sampradaya

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Dear members
Yes,students were encouraged to ask questions to clear their misgivings 
without feeling shy.There is a sanskrit verse which says -Vidhyathuranam na 
ruchir, na lajja.During student days especially in gurukul days of yore an 
aspirant of vidhya should not mind the taste of food which can be extended 
to activities not relating to study and also should not feel shy to get his 
doubts cleared fully.The guru was willing to explain any number of times and 
he will not move to the next step unless the whole group/class had 
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I am reproducing my post as it was perhaps blocked by the server for being 
too long. My apologies for re-posting and for its length.
I fully agree with your Vedanta teacher, and my humble namaskarams to Him or 

Who told you that in our sampradaya we do not question the teacher - in fact 
we are very much encouraged to - nay, we are specifically instructed to 
question the teacher till our doubts get resolved - this is exactly what 
shravanam and mananam entails - atmavare shrotavya mantavya... this degree 
of freedom of questioning I would say is almost unique to our sampradaya - 
doubt is encouraged provided it is encompassed by a broader matrix of 
shraddha - in both the teacher and the teaching. Only then can learning take 

These were 2 posts written by me on the "advaitin" list-forum in response to 
a discussion on a related topic and I am reproducing it here for what its 
worth. Some of the points raised are relevant only to what was being 
discussed at the time, but I have chosen not to edit those sections in the 
interest of continuity of the post.

Post 1
Post 2

As far as Namasmarana and Kaliyuga is concerned consider that statement to 
be eulogistic at best - albeit certainly a wonderful means to achieving 
chittashuddhi and chitta-naischalyam, (like with everything else) when 
adopted with the right attitude and devotion.

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyoh namah

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Dear all,

My Vedanta teacher often reiterates the importance of traditional Sampradaya
teaching methods as the ONLY way to self-knowledge....

A few doubts arise in my mind regarding this although Sampradaya asks that
we do not question the teacher! what about all those masters who achieved
moksha through following the non-hindu religions? what about the concept of
constant Namasmarana being the easiest way to achieve liberation in the Kali

i would appreciate your views on this..anjana

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