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I am reproducing my post as it was perhaps blocked by the server for being too long. My apologies for re-posting and for its length.
I fully agree with your Vedanta teacher, and my humble namaskarams to Him or Her.
Who told you that in our sampradaya we do not question the teacher - in fact we are very much encouraged to - nay, we are specifically instructed to question the teacher till our doubts get resolved - this is exactly what shravanam and mananam entails - atmavare shrotavya mantavya... this degree of freedom of questioning I would say is almost unique to our sampradaya - doubt is encouraged provided it is encompassed by a broader matrix of shraddha - in both the teacher and the teaching. Only then can learning take place.
These were 2 posts written by me on the "advaitin" list-forum in response to a discussion on a related topic and I am reproducing it here for what its worth. Some of the points raised are relevant only to what was being discussed at the time, but I have chosen not to edit those sections in the interest of continuity of the post.
Post 1
Post 2
As far as Namasmarana and Kaliyuga is concerned consider that statement to be eulogistic at best - albeit certainly a wonderful means to achieving chittashuddhi and chitta-naischalyam, (like with everything else) when adopted with the right attitude and devotion.

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyoh namah

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Dear all,

My Vedanta teacher often reiterates the importance of traditional Sampradaya
teaching methods as the ONLY way to self-knowledge....

A few doubts arise in my mind regarding this although Sampradaya asks that
we do not question the teacher!  what about all those masters who achieved
moksha through following the non-hindu religions?  what about the concept of
constant Namasmarana being the easiest way to achieve liberation in the Kali

i would appreciate your views on this..anjana


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