[Advaita-l] yajna - animals and trees

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 04:33:26 CDT 2008

There were some posts related to yajna, animal sacrifice. Here are some more
ideas on that topic (based on my understanding).
What happens when we start killing fierce predators like lions and tigers?
To answer this let us first ask: What purpose would a predator like lion/ tiger 
serve in the first place? Do we need them at all?
The answer that I am looking for is certainly not on the lines of "to maintain 
ecological balance we need these predators".
Consider the following possibility:
Let us consider the possibility that the collective karma of beings on this earth 
mandates manifestation of an "X" amount of extreme rAjasika bhAva that is 
inclined towards violence, predation and hiMsA in general. The nature's response
to this would be a manifestation of fierce predators in numbers sufficient for the
"X" amount of this extreme rAjasika bhAva to be worked out. 
(If on an average a predator manifests "x" amount of this bhAva, we may assume,
atleast "N = X/x" number of such predators are needed.)
What happens when we interfere with nature and kill these predators such that
the number falls short of the number (=N) needed to work out the extreme rAjasika
bhAva? Possibly this bhAva will start entering into already existing beings to
work out. And of course the next best suited animal to work out this bhAva is 
- Man. So these animal tendencies will start rising in human beings. Needless to
say, this is undesirable.
Trees express more of the tAmasika bhAva.
If analyze wild life preservation and related issues within this framework of 
understanding, we will see a whole new value (need) for these initiatives.
This obviously is a form of yajna - bhUta yajna.


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