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Kashyap M swatmarama at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jun 6 00:23:38 CDT 2008

Dear Folk,
Please accept my Pranams.
As all the list members might be knowing, Sri Ramakrishna Math Bangalore has released a book namely " A concise encyclopaedia on Hinduism" in three volumes. The book was released by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on 31st May 2008.
The book is receiving a good response from the public.For those who do not have information regarding this work, I am mentioning the contact details of the Math below.You may please contact the people there and get necessary clarification regarding the amount,shipping charges for inland and abroad etc.
Book Name: A concise Encyclopaedia on Hinduism
Author: Swami Harshananda Puri
Sri Ramamkrishna Math,
Bull Temple Road,
Office:         +91-80-26613149    rkmblr at dataone.in
Book Stall:  +91-80-26616161,+91-80-26616060
                  1) rkmblr_publi at vsnl.net
                  2) ramakrishnamathblr at dataone.in
Pranams and Regards,

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