[Advaita-l] Law of Karma

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Fri Jun 6 07:43:21 CDT 2008

Dear Sri Narayan 

According to our sanathana dharma Karma is unavoidable.Karma is more than action-may it be physical/mental.It also includes the result of the action embedded in it.It will definitley follow one like a shadow and  will not rest until its goal is reached.But it is inert.SriRamana says Karma thath Jadam.That is it is impartial and does not have its own judjement or thinking/intelligence.To escape from its pursuit we have recourse to Ishwara who is a Phala dhatha.He balances the Karma`s reaction results by taking an overall view.He cannot alter its course but He will give necessary resources and stamina to face the bad/inconvenient ones according to the overall merits or demerits of the individual.This is my understanding.
You can call it dharma of Karma if you want it as law is not adequate to bind it.About Gravitational law -it can be defied if you have escape velocity but not Karma.Smoke is almost has no mass per volume and it is supported by air which balances the gravitational pull and it simply floates.We have the carbon credits etc and global warming.
Phala Sruthis and not as mentioned do emphasise that all your sins will get mitigated provided you have absolute faith in them and you desist from repetitive forbidden actions and doing recommended actions. 
Lastly by reviewing your one actions in the presence of your conscience you will know whether Karma works or not.

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