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1. Does the phala-sutras of many stotras, saharasnamams, stuties etc. exaggerate 100% that sins will be expunged if the stotras etc. recited with bhakti, when the fact is law of karma is inexorable.
The chanting of these stotras itself is another karma if done with devotion and diligence - the fruit of which will be a partial neutralization of the effects of prior bad actions.
No amount of karma can ever wipe off the entire slate of accumulated karmas - jnAna alone is capable in that regard.
2. Does Hindu dharma subscribe to retribution (because it is said that Ishwara will be otherwise partial towards some if he doesnt give the fruits of karma to sinngers)
Yes and no. Hindu dharma lays more emphasis on forgiveness than on retribution.  The mind that simmers with thoughts of retribution, howsoever justifiable, destroys itself first. Ishwara can be quietly entrusted with the task without my seeking or 'enabling' it!
4. If retribution is necessary to punish sinners, why does Ishwara wait for eons to dish out the punishment?  Does that mean we can get out of the rut by good behaviour in future and realising the earlier folly of sins and making necessary amends.

5. If law of karma is such a cut and dry propisition, why does Ishwara maintain that tattva exclusively in his hand (as stated in various hymns "punya-apunya phalaprada")
Ishwara is not other than His very Order. The very Order - everperfect blesses us with its results - pleasant or unpleasant - either way its a blessing alone coming as it does from the Order that is Ishwara alone.
Time it takes to fructify is relative - if you consider our entire lifetime is as transient as a flash of lightning then you realize that we face our karmaphalas sooner than we may perhaps like!
In this context the One Deity who best represents duritA is Shani Bhagawan(born of Surya - Brahman and Chaya- Maya/AvidyA!!) and he is symbolically personified with a limp showing how slow_moving He is!

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