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Ram Ram

I thnik that U are not living in this world.Most of the books are out of
print;I visited University Publication Division and found that these are out
of print and University is not interested in publishing them nor giving up
its rights.I was particular about the book written by R Balasubramaniam on
"Naishkarmyasiddhi"(the introductions written by him is a beautiful piece)
and I talked to him about republishing this book and found that the
university is not cooperating.These books are available in Ramakrishna
Library and U can xerox them or look into archive.com or Digital library of
India for downloading them.I have taken up with Adi Sankara
Adv.ResearchCentre to serialise them by changing some paragragraphs
and then call say
"Naishkarmyasiddhi Revisted".I have to take up with HH Jayendra Saraswati as
I am particular to get the book "Siddhanthalesasangrahasara"with index work
done by Sri SR Krishnamurthi Sastri (Former Professor of Vedanta,Madras
Sanskrit College) which itself is a master piece.

Ram ram

K Sundararaman

On 1/5/08, durga prasad <janaswamy2001 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am interested to buy the books in Sanskrit and English of
> Madras University Philosophical Series
> like
> 1. The Taittiriyopanishad-bhasya-vartika of Suresvara written by Dr. R.
> Balasubramanian
> 2. 'Naishkarmyasiddhi of Suresvaracarya' written by Prof. R.
> Balasubramanian
> 3. 'Anubhuti Prakasa of Swami Vidyaranya' written by  Dr. Godabarisha
> Mishra
> 4. Jyotirbrahmana of Brhadaranyakopanisad-bhasya-vartika of Suresvara
> 5. The sambandha-vartika
> 6.  Any other book on advaita vedanta
> I called Jayalakshmi Indological Book House,  Chennai, tel No. 24990539. I
> was told that these books are available at the Publications Division of the
> University of Madras only.
> I am not living in Chennai.
> Can any one tell me how can I buy these books?
> Thanks and regards
> -- Durga Prasad
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