[Advaita-l] Madras University Philosophical Series -- books

durga prasad janaswamy2001 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 5 13:58:58 CST 2008

I am interested to buy the books in Sanskrit and English of
Madras University Philosophical Series
1. The Taittiriyopanishad-bhasya-vartika of Suresvara written by Dr. R. Balasubramanian
2. 'Naishkarmyasiddhi of Suresvaracarya' written by Prof. R. Balasubramanian
3. 'Anubhuti Prakasa of Swami Vidyaranya' written by  Dr. Godabarisha Mishra
4. Jyotirbrahmana of Brhadaranyakopanisad-bhasya-vartika of Suresvara 
5. The sambandha-vartika
6.  Any other book on advaita vedanta 

I called Jayalakshmi Indological Book House,  Chennai, tel No. 24990539. I was told that these books are available at the Publications Division of the University of Madras only.

I am not living in Chennai.

Can any one tell me how can I buy these books?

Thanks and regards
-- Durga Prasad

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