[Advaita-l] AchArya on the Objects of the Waking State(B.S.II.2.29)

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Dear Sri Vyas
You have said maya is more appropriate to be called as delusion rathr than
illusion.But I think maya has no equivalent in english vocabulary.Adi
Shankara is the one to use this word maya -ma =not and ya=there for the
first time to indicate that our human value system is very wrong and because
of this only we  humans find it difficult to cross this ocean of samsara.The
Bhaja Govindam gives  many examples of maya and avidhya is its
foundation.Ofcourse for English only knowing people we have to give some
near meaning words but then their perception of maya may be totally
different as Advaitins are labelled as mayavadins.
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