[Advaita-l] Several Succeeding Stages of the Purificatory Process

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Sat Sep 1 05:30:54 CDT 2007

Several Succeeding Stages of the Purificatory Process
The individual consciousness is made to pass through varying strata of
mental and emotional states, pure, neutral as also impure, as the muddy
water is made to pass through a try of sand, charcoal and some germicidal
medium, for the task of filtering away of gross impurities, the rough grains
of the sands of worldly experiences suit and suffice admirably. But for the
subtler impurities like the gaseous ones in water a medium like black
charcoal is required. This is the recrudescence of disturbingly un-spiritual
thoughts and tendencies that dismay and upset the Sadhak on the onward
course of their spiritual development. The process takes place almost
entirely upon the mental and emotional plane. Their inner working is very
curious and interesting. They take place in both the waking as well as the
dream states and in the latter in two slightly differing shades of dream
consciousness rather difficult to distinguish

Source : Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Daily

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