[Advaita-l] Swamiji's position on shankara vEdAnta to Srikanta prabhuji

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Thu Mar 15 08:41:38 CDT 2007

--- bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com wrote:
> Srikanta prabhuji :
> "Therefore,those who imagine that the object
> superimposed is primarily
> meant by the term avidya,and it is that which has
> got to be removed by
> true knowledge,not only do violence to Shankara's
> words,but also disregard
> a fact of nature and even common sense, in as much
> as no one believes that
> the apparent silver in nacre has yet to be removed
> first by the true
> knowledge of nacre,and not one's own false notion of
> it"

> bhaskar :
> I think Swamiji talking about vivaraNakAra's
> position here..they
> distinguish jnAna as vrutti vyApti & phala
> vyApti..According to this avidyA
> has two potencies i.e. AVaraNa & vikshEpa
> shakti...one encompasses the
> brahman & another encompasses the outer things.  To
> get these two anjnAna
> cleared we have to undergo two stages :a vrutti
> should pervade an outer
> thing after this the curtain of avidya which is
> covered the outer thing get
> removed..and then as the second state *the right
> knowledge* of that thing
> will take place!!!  But according to shankara there
> are no two separate
> functions in this process...Seeing the silver in the
> nacre is antaHkaraNa
> dOsha, there is no silver in nacre at any point of
> time that needs to be
> removed from the nacre..i dont know how familiar you
> are with all these
> technical terms...I request Sri Savitri mAtAji to
> explain this in simple
> terms.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
Namaste Srikanta-ji, Bhaskar-ji,

I am not sure I can add anything more worthy than what
has been explained, but here is my try -

True knowledge removes one's own misconception that
there was silver there. It is only the false notion
that is corrected (a subjective fault).
True knowledge doesn't uncover 
the-apparent-silver-in-nacre (there is no objective
fault to be cleared).

Hence Avidya does not really exist. 
It is a mistaken notion - Adhyasa, as Shankara says. 

Hope it helps somewhat,

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