[Advaita-l] Swamiji's position on shankara vEdAnta to Srikanta prabhuji

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praNAms Sri Srikanta prabhuji
Hare Krishna

your subject heading was too long & I cut it short :-))

Srikanta prabhuji :

"Therefore,those who imagine that the object superimposed is primarily
meant by the term avidya,and it is that which has got to be removed by
true knowledge,not only do violence to Shankara's words,but also disregard
a fact of nature and even common sense, in as much as no one believes that
the apparent silver in nacre has yet to be removed first by the true
knowledge of nacre,and not one's own false notion of it"

bhaskar :

I think Swamiji talking about vivaraNakAra's position here..they
distinguish jnAna as vrutti vyApti & phala vyApti..According to this avidyA
has two potencies i.e. AVaraNa & vikshEpa shakti...one encompasses the
brahman & another encompasses the outer things.  To get these two anjnAna
cleared we have to undergo two stages :a vrutti should pervade an outer
thing after this the curtain of avidya which is covered the outer thing get
removed..and then as the second state *the right knowledge* of that thing
will take place!!!  But according to shankara there are no two separate
functions in this process...Seeing the silver in the nacre is antaHkaraNa
dOsha, there is no silver in nacre at any point of time that needs to be
removed from the nacre..i dont know how familiar you are with all these
technical terms...I request Sri Savitri mAtAji to explain this in simple

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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