A Myth About Sankara (was Re: [Advaita-l] jnAna-vijnAna,

NARAYANA MURTHY malahanikareswara at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 15 07:05:53 CDT 2007

Dear karthik,
  When authority of ACArya Sankara was questioned, I felt perturbed.  But when the hierarchy is indicated, it became clear.  Irrespective of differences, Sruthi and Smruthi are pramanam in the same hierarchy for all the thirmadACAryas. 
  Generally sampradaya is looked down as narrow minded.  In general parlance Sampradaya pravarthaka is placed at such a high pedestal, that sampradaya is looked secondary.  But the two instances you ascribed to SureSvarCarya and further conclusions derived shows irrespective of the personalities, sampradaya stands taller.

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