Sringeri and Sureshvara (was Re: [Advaita-l] On recent mailsthelisthas see

Praveen bhatpraveen at
Wed Mar 7 13:14:41 CST 2007


> Unfortunately they did not have the 2nd volume even then. I tried
> various bookstores in Madras, with no luck. I got the 2nd volume from
> a university library about 5 years back, but I do not have a copy of
> it.

Fortunately, I'd managed to trouble the bookstall people at Shankara
maTh, Bangalore, less than a year back to fetch one volume from a old/
discarded documents loft, while the other was on the shelf! The
hardbound cover and some pages were badly damaged, but seemed
definitely readable :) Unfortunately, its currently in a carton
awaiting its shift between houses (and I'm assuming the author to be

One could check with them if they have any more copies found anew.

@Jaldhar: Hoping my memory is serving well, did you carry back a copy
of this book while at Bangalore from Shankara maTh? I think then too
they'd only one volume.


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