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The books are in English, with many extracts in devanaagarii +
translations in English. The first volume is about 750 pages and
covers shlokas 1, 2, 3 and 8. It also has a couple of chapters on the
background and how everything "fits in". The second volume is somewhat
smaller, although it contains the rest 6 shlokas.

I bought the first volume in the Sringeri bookstall back in 1996.
Unfortunately they did not have the 2nd volume even then. I tried
various bookstores in Madras, with no luck. I got the 2nd volume from
a university library about 5 years back, but I do not have a copy of

It's unlikely to be available for purchase anywhere. You probably have
to go to some good library.

In this regard, I also highly recommend the translation of Sri
Krishnamurti Sastrigals book on IShTasiddhi-VivaraNa, by our own list
member Sri S.N.Sastri, which my wife got for me from Madras recently.
It's very, very good.


On 3/5/07, Stig Lundgren <slu at> wrote:
> Dear Rama,
> Many thanks for your reply and your suggestion of the book by Sri D.S.
> Subbaramayya. Was this book written in Sanskrit or English?
> Warmest regards
> Stig Lundgren
> I suggest the 2 volume set by D.S.Subbaramayya on the Dakshinamurti
> Stotram, published by the Sringeri Mutt. The books are very
> comprehensive and was written at the command of Sri Mahasannidhanam
> himself. Sri Mahasannidhanam praises his disciple (the author Sri
> Subbaramayya) as both a vidvaan and also one who has direct experience
> of the reality. It presents all view points, bhAmatI, vivaraNa, etc.,
> and show how they are all applicable. Interestingly the view of SSS is
> notable by its *complete* absence. The books were published towards
> the end of Sri Mahasannidhanam tenure (1998-1990 time period).

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