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Prasad Ramamurthy Kadambi kaupeenavanta at
Thu Mar 8 07:28:02 CST 2007


On 3/8/07, Praveen <bhatpraveen at> wrote:
> @Jaldhar: Hoping my memory is serving well, did you carry back a copy
> of this book while at Bangalore from Shankara maTh? I think then too
> they'd only one volume.

AFAICR Jaldhar you took it right, It was looking pretty old !


Prasad Kadambi

Adi Shankara on devotion !!

सत्यपि भेदापगमे नाथ तवाहं न मामकीनस्त्वम् !
सामुद्रो हि तरङ्गः क्कचन समुद्रो न तरङ्गः !!

"Even when there is no distinction between us, O Lord, I am yours and not
You mine, for the wave is of the ocean and ocean is never of the wave".

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