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Fri Jun 15 03:54:52 CDT 2007

Jai Sri Krsna
Dear All,
I was discussing liberation with a few friends of mine and trying to establish the position of advaita vedAnta and its view on liberation.
It turned into a very much intellectual and heated battle, which i must say was very interesting and thought provoking.
However a few points came out of it which were 'eating' my brain and i would like the learned scholars of this list to escort me on the right view/path.
Point 1.
When Mr X realises himself as Brahman and all traits of avidya have disappeared, the world disappears for him (i know there are different opinions on this e.g. jivan mukta, videha mukta etc, but i don't want to go into that.), but then why does the world still carry on without him, is the world still real?
Example: Without a question of a doubt, BhagavatpAda was a truely realised preceptor, but when he realised himself as brahman, he became brahman but then why do WE (all jivas) keep living? Does this then mean that even BhagavatpAda was also an illusion in our mind? hence nothing can be real, until I realise brahman.
Point 2.
We keep talking about realised personalities but does that mean, they are realised and we are not, hence making the world unreal for them but real for us? So when i realised myself as brahman (which i doubt will happen in the near future, lol), does that mean, that my mother, my brothers will keep living until 'they' realise brahman?
I know the answer to this would then be, that you have now realised brahman and become brahman and the world vanishes and you know everything was mithyA and the only sat was brahman, which you realise as your true nature, BUT still why does the world still carry on?
We have religious giants such as BhagavatpAda, rAmakR^iShNa paramhaMsa, swAmi vivekAnanda etc, if they were realised, why is this world still carrying on?
Please forgive me if i have offended anyone or have asked a very naive question but i would appreciate the learned members to educate me on this matter. Also please note that i am finding it very hard to write my emotions down onto paper in regards to this matter, so if you feel that there is a question i wnted to ask but i didn't due to me writing this email in such an emotional haste please answer that question too.
Please think of my as your younger brother, who is cursious on vedAnta.
namo nArAyaNa,
Kind regards,Krunal
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