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Thanks Michael for your explanation, and the further
private email exchange.
--- michael reidy <michael_reidy at eircom.net> wrote:

> Namaste Smt. Savithri,
> You expressed a difficulty with the concept of
> Idealism.  This might help.
> In the preamble to the B.S.B. there is an implicit
> rejection of Idealism.   
> The basic question that he opens with is the puzzle
> of knowledge.  It  
> ought to be impossible given the antithetical nature
> of subject and  
> object; the one being conscious and the other inert.
>  This is the basic  
> paradox, the out-there inert comes in some manner to
> be in-here as  
> consciousness; a seeming impossibility that yet
> occurs as our knowledge  
> testifies.  But how?
> At this point one can pause to consider the
> implications of his statement  
> of the paradox.  It is only a problem if the inert
> object is truly out  
> there in its reality as an existence that is
> independent of our knowledge  
> of it.  If its reality is merely as an object in our
> consciousness  
> (Idealism) then the paradox dissolves because there
> is no out-there in  
> reality, the object exists as it shines in our
> consciousness.  No  
> transference has occured.  This notion is
> specifically rejected by Sankara  
> in B.S.B. II.ii.28.
> Michael
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