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Dear Michael,

The difference between the western religions and Hinduism in so far as
creation is concerned, is that the bible on which the western religious
thoughts depend is quite definite about the creation whereas any talk of
creation in Hinduism (such as this world came out of Him and he entered into
it etc.) is a gesture only as the first step to eventually repudiate all
understanding of creation for such a creation and the resultant multitude,
if held to be real, would contradict the oneness of the Real.  Many
scientists who hold that the world is real have eventually come to the
conclusion that there has never been a creation and that there is no such
entity as God.  In other words, holding the multitude as real would be
proved to forfeit God.  This is the horn of dilemma of the western religions
who want to hold that the multitude is real and yet would not accept the

We on the other hand do prove that the multitude is in reality unreal and in
such an exercise, point to the inevitable that there exists a Reality whose
existence is undisputed in one's own Self. Having disproved the multitudes
and established the Reality in one's own Self there occurs the end of all
discussions, that eventual great Silence as a result of the 'discovery' of
one's own Real Self which is precisely understood as the Parama

All I am saying these to you is to disagree with you that by the mere
suggestion of the word 'religion' you have put Hinduism on par with the
western religions.  This is far from true.


On 8/28/07, michael reidy <michael_reidy at eircom.net> wrote:
> In the discussion of the question raised by Sri Ursekar the larger
> problem as to whether the truths of religion can ever be confirmed or
> contradicted by Science was ignored.  The assumption seemed to be that
> truth is one and unbroken and therefore all true statements have to
> agree with one another.  A curious conclusion emerges that scriptures
> that were inspired in pre-scientific times predict advanced physics.
> Why we can see parallels between string theory and lokas!  What is the
> difference between this view and that of the Christian fundamentalists
> who reject evolution as not being biblical?  None, except that there is
> more work involved in that you have to constantly revise what the Vedas
> meant as scientific theory changes.
> As an alternative to this pointless activity consider as an alternative
> that the truths of religion are symbolic, poetical, metaphorical and
> mythical in the Platonic sense.  They do not confirm or contradict each
> other or Science because they have reference to spiritual reality and
> the inner life of the aspirant.  They offer  analogies or a 'moon on the
> bough' to the seeker not a concrete description.
> All very well you may say but aren't the thunderbolts of Zeus really a
> covert reference to ICBM's?
> Best Wishes,
> Michael
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