[Advaita-l] Know thy self

Sriram Krishnamurthy asksriramjobs at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 06:00:26 CDT 2007

All the greatest thinkers of the world unite in asking us to know this Self.
While our bodily organisation undergoes change every moment, while our
thoughts gather like clouds in the sky and disperse again, the real Self is
never lost. It is all-pervading though distinct from all. It is the source
of the sense of identity through numerous transformations. It remains itself
though it sees all things. It is the one constant thing which remains
unchanged in the multiple activities of the universe. Our limited
personality is conscious only by fits and starts. There are large gaps in
it. Even if death overtakes a man, the seer cannot die

Source : Swami Sivananda,

Om Tat Sat,

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