[Advaita-l] concept of soul

michael reidy michael_reidy at eircom.net
Tue Aug 28 04:18:39 CDT 2007

In the discussion of the question raised by Sri Ursekar the larger 
problem as to whether the truths of religion can ever be confirmed or 
contradicted by Science was ignored.  The assumption seemed to be that 
truth is one and unbroken and therefore all true statements have to 
agree with one another.  A curious conclusion emerges that scriptures 
that were inspired in pre-scientific times predict advanced physics.  
Why we can see parallels between string theory and lokas!  What is the 
difference between this view and that of the Christian fundamentalists 
who reject evolution as not being biblical?  None, except that there is 
more work involved in that you have to constantly revise what the Vedas 
meant as scientific theory changes.

As an alternative to this pointless activity consider as an alternative 
that the truths of religion are symbolic, poetical, metaphorical and 
mythical in the Platonic sense.  They do not confirm or contradict each 
other or Science because they have reference to spiritual reality and 
the inner life of the aspirant.  They offer  analogies or a 'moon on the 
bough' to the seeker not a concrete description.

All very well you may say but aren't the thunderbolts of Zeus really a 
covert reference to ICBM's?

Best Wishes,

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