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HariH Om!
Mr. Vishwanthan's statement that " day after day we keep seeing other people 
die" refers to the death of Body only and not the SELF whereas  in " SELF 
never dies", he refers to Atman. Hence comparison is not correct.
The body is not self and always perishable, has birth and death whereas SELF 
is Aja ( Not born), Sat, Chit, Anand, Infinite , Shantam, shivam, Advaitam, 
Turiya State etc as stated in Mandukya.
For clarification by other members
Subramanya UH
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> Namaste
> While going thru this posting regarding one thing really struck me.
> ""Day after day countless people die. Yet the living wish to live
> forever. O Lord, what can be  greater wonder?"
> I think this can certainly be viewes  from the other angle.
> Day after day we keep seeing other people die. True. But has anyone ever
> seen him'self' Dying???
> No...No one can, because the Self never dies. When self never dies how it
> can watch its own death. So what we are seeing as others dying is mere
> illusion. Like wise the birth too, no one has seen his own birth.(whether 
> it
> is the even of comming out of mother's womb or the conception itself)
> When you understand this, ie, both birth and death are mere illusions, how
> can you gat attched to anything? When there is no sort of attachment where
> is the question of Vairagya and what for??
> Pranams
> Viswanath
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>>In yaksha prasna when asked what is the greatest wonder Yudishtira 
>>"Day after day countless people die. Yet the living wish to live
>>forever. O Lord, what can be  greater wonder?"
>>How profound. We see our near and dear depart. Yet we always believe
>>it will never happen to us. Or atleast feel comfortable thinking that
>>Just not in this birth, we have had several births where we have
>>experienced the loss of our near and dear. Inspite of this, we have
>>not achieved viveka/vairagya.
>>The truth is we love ourselves so much than anything else. We have
>>also experienced birth and death in so many janmas. Yet, we have not
>>achieved viveka/vairagya.
>>Hence there is nothing new that we have to experience to realize the
>>truth. All that is required is washing of this vasanas acquired which
>>can happen only on surrendering to a sadguru as that is paramount.
>>there is no question of not doing sadhana. The very fact that one is
>>initiated into a sadhana also happens by His grace. The guru
>>constantly tests the maturity of the sishya and also gives the latter
>>the strength to overcome the obstacles in the path of sadhana.
>>Sadguro Saranam
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