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Sun Jun 25 05:11:26 CDT 2006

Yaduji, PraNAms.

Interesting information about kataka nut powder. Did not realize that
this had application for health.  This tipic may be OT but just like to
know if these seeds are readily available.  I am not sure what is its
name in Telugu or Tamil.
Couple of days ago
 I attended a talk by Swami Chinna Narayana Jeer.  He was mentioning
about his experience of an ayurvedic doctor who demonstated to him the
power of a leaf of a plant.  The doctor cut his own skin until it blead
and then aplied the extract of a leaf.  Even the scar got removed in few
hours. If that is true one needs to find out exactly what that chemical
or group of chemicals  that cures the system.  

An American would immediately patent the process, like they did for the
basumati rice! 

Sorry for the digresion.

Hari OM!


--- "Dr. Yadu Moharir" <ymoharir at yahoo.com> wrote:

>   (Other uses: Seed paste (gaNdha) with butter-milk is extremely
> effective for the treatment of long standing chronic diarrhea. Seed
> powder taken internally with milk in irritation of urinary organs and
> in gonorrhea. It is also used in the treatment of Diabetes and helps
> control hyper-insulinemia. Seeds rubbed with honey and camphor is very
> effective for conjunctivitis.  Fruit pulp is useful in controlling
> dysentery and bronchitis.)

>   Dr. Yadu

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