[Advaita-l] With reference to Sadanandaji"s mail with reference to Mandukaya Upanisad karikas

Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 25 08:19:51 CDT 2006

Namste Sanananda-Ji:
  Other names of Kataka as per my Dictionary:
  Telagu:  Chilla-Chettu
  Mal. & Tam. - Tattamaram
  Yes, the seeds are readily available but we have forgotten the use.  Unfortunately, These brushes are indiscriminately being removed under the banner of reclaiming the land rather than harvesting them for it's real utility.  IMHO - The real spirituality here is the associated knowledge and it's utility
  naiSha sthaNoraparaadho yadenamandho na pashyati | puruShaaparaadhaH sa bhavati ||  nirukta 1.16 ||
  Meaning - If a blind man does not see the pillar in his path then it is not the fault of the pillar but the fault lies with the blind person.
  As we all know, in advaita is about recognizing and IMO the success is using that knowledge.

  I just did goggle search and found following links what I was not aware of either:
  Gupta, A. and M. Chaudhuri (1992). Domestic water purification for developing countries. Aqua Oxford 41(5): 290-298. Environ. Eng. Lab., Dep. Civil Eng., Indian Inst. Technol., Kanpur 208016, India.
  West is continuously looking for these type of solutions by creating "value added" simple solutions where Asa we just gloat that our ancestors were great and try to pat our own backs, (As I saw in many discussion groups and conferences in US), where as West is utilizing the knowledge and Patenting their procedures and we, the Indians we probably lease that knowledge back from them.
  hari hi OM tat sat
  kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Yaduji, PraNAms.

Interesting information about kataka nut powder. Did not realize that
this had application for health. This tipic may be OT but just like to
know if these seeds are readily available. I am not sure what is its
name in Telugu or Tamil.

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