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 Namste Dr. Yadu

  aGYaanakalushhaM jiivaM GYaanaabhyaasaadvinirmalam.h .
kR^itvaa GYaanaM svayaM nashyeJNjalaM katakareNuvat.h .. 5..
  Acharya's analogy of "kataka" nut powder attracted my attention.  Often we see sages using analogies that can be understood by the common folks of their times to drive home the message.  Here is something on kataka nut, may be if we still used this simple trick lot of problem's associated with dirty, muddy water during Monsoon season could be solved in villages without having to depend on the technology or waiting for Government's intervention, which rarely arrives in time despite of regular predictable occurrence of water borne diseases during the seasons.
  Above shloka is giving us the knowledge not only on the spiritual level but also finds a practical utility on the vyavahaaric level as well when we recognize the medicinal properties associated with the "kataka" nuts.
I think as long as one is alive and kicking in this jagat - the world, vyavaharhara cannot be ignored or avoided. Vyavayara by itself is not wrong or bad. Otherwise the sages would not have used these examples in their texts......for explaining the unknown through the known.

The typical mud and pot, yarn and cloth, wood and table, gold and ornaments, iron and nailcutter, snake and rope are the typical examples found all over the upanishad texts to explain the subject matter in Vedanta.

kataka nuts is also one among them.

Thanks for all the information provided on kataka.
Om namo narayanaya

Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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