[Advaita-l] With reference to Sadanandaji"s mail with reference to Mandukaya Upanisad karikas

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Wed Jun 21 00:34:56 CDT 2006

Dear Sadanandaji-pranams

I am sorry I cannot agree with your statement that even "Advaita is
tentative only,as it negates Dvaita".In fact in the negation of
Dvaita,"Advaita"is.Thast is the reason why Acharya Gaudapada has analysed
the various Cause-effect theories,only to refute them at one stroke.
I have attended various study groups,the trouble with these study groups
is getting caught in the unimportant discussion or getting caught in the
quagmire of logic.The answer would be to study Acharya Gaudapada to clear
all doubts regarding this.In his Sutrabhasyas Sri.Sankara analyses the
various points of logic and finally quotes the sruthi statements to bring
into focus the "Advaita".The non-systematic study of the Bhasyas and the
karikas has led to the conclusion that there are various vedanthas and
cults,there are various paths like,Bhakthi yoga,Karma yoga,etc.In the
Bhagawadgita Krishna mentions there are only two "Nishtas":Lokesmin
Dvividha nishtah"---Jnanayogena sankhyanam,karmayogena Yoginam.But,this
controversy even in the Twentyfirst century is continuing in the study
circles.I am sorry to say that this has resulted in the Non-understanding
of the Advaita in its correct perspective.

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