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> Dear Sadanandaji-pranams
> I am sorry I cannot agree with your statement that even "Advaita is
> tentative only,as it negates Dvaita".In fact in the negation of
> Dvaita,"Advaita"is.Thast is the reason why Acharya Gaudapada has
> analysed
> the various Cause-effect theories,only to refute them at one stroke.

Srikantaji - PraNAms.
Yes. 'advaita' is tentative as process of negation for realization of
the truth as non-duality. 'kRitvaa jnAnam swayam nasyet jalam katakarenu
vat' says Shankara in Atmabodha.  Having done its job, the knowledge
also drops down like kataka nut powder used to purify the water leaving
the water free from both dirt as well as kataka nut powder. In that
sense, it is tentative. The truth is avyapadesyam - 'indescribable' as
the Mantra  7 ascertains. In AvadhUta Gita, Bhagavan Dattaatreya says,
'aham dhyAta param dhyeyam akhanDam khanDate katham?' "I am a meditator
and this has to be meditated upon, how can you divide that which is

  What is needed, of course, is inquiry - tat vijnAsasva - sa vijneyaH -
are the instructions  to inquire upon - until one is firmly established
in the knowledge.  That is the only way to drop the wrong notions in the
mind.  Once dropped, the inquirer, inquired and inquiry all drop out
unceremoniously. It is in that sense I said 'advaita' is also tentative.
 Hope I am clear.

I understand your cancers about the study groups. They are  only
vehicles for the inquiry.  Ultimately one has to discover oneself in
oneself by oneself - 'dhAnena Atmani pasyanti .. Atmaanam AtmanA' says

Hari OM!



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