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"And while there are not any refereces to Kundalini either,...."
Badisa: The existence of kundalini is mentioned indirectly in Anu Gita (also called Uttara Gita). For example, pingala nadi and ida nadi are mentioned in this Gita at 2.11 and 2.12 slokas by Lord Krishna. Similarly, in 2.13 to 15 slokas of this Gita, sushumna nadi is mentioned. 
In Uddav Gita 19.11, Lord Krishna talks about creation of Bhur, Bhuva, Svar etc lokas by Lord Brahma. Similarly, at 19.12-14 slokas, it is said that how these lokas are the abodes of different god personalities (not divine). For example, svar is said to be the abode of gods, Bhuvar is said to be the abode of spirits etc. This clearly indicates the independent existence of 7 lokas. 
Now, please let us ask again the basic doubt, which raised these questions. It is said that no salvation is possible without awakening of kundalini (Yogashikaopanishad, 1.21). In that case, how is it possible to get the kundalini awakened for the sake of achieving salvation for those souls that follow 8/24 path (Dev yan marg) of Gita (or Upanishads) and waiting at Brahma Lok? Can or cannot we say that awakening of kundalini is also prior requirement even for those souls which follow 8/24 path? If yes, how is it possible at BL? If no, then it will contradict the above upanishad teaching. How to understand the above upanishad teaching? Please help me.

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