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> Now, please let us ask again the basic doubt, which raised these
> questions. It is said that no salvation is possible without awakening
> of kundalini (Yogashikaopanishad, 1.21). In that case, how is it
> possible to get the kundalini awakened for the sake of achieving
> salvation for those souls that follow 8/24 path (Dev yan marg) of
> Gita (or Upanishads) and waiting at Brahma Lok? Can or cannot we say
> that awakening of kundalini is also prior requirement even for those
> souls which follow 8/24 path? If yes, how is it possible at BL? If
> no, then it will contradict the above upanishad teaching. How to
> understand the above upanishad teaching? Please help me. Namaste

This issue is addressed by Sri chandrasekharendra sarasvati swamiji in
6th volume of deyvaththin kural. The first and second volume of this
series is available in the book "Hindu Dharma" and the 2nd part of the
sixth volume with the title "Saundaryalahari" both from bharathiya vidya
bhavan in English.

"Those who practise techniques like kuNDalini yoga, consciously worry
about moving praNa through various naaDi-s and awakening of kuNDalini
and its location in different chakra-s, as it raises and falls.  This
method is very dangerous and requires a careful guidance. It is not
necessary to follow this.

On the other hand, those engage bhakti, upAsana, aatma vichaara, etc.
also awaken the kuNDalini and move it up, etc. And it happens
automatically without their conscious knowledge and control. These
methods are safer and less prone to error."

Acharya touches this matter in quite a few places and also warns his
devotees not to get into kuNDalini yoga. Acharya also discussed how this
nADi-s etc are indirectly referred in shruti and how Adi Sankara handles
these matter in his bhaashya-s etc.

To give an example (mine- not Acharya's): You do not consciously control
the heart beat and many other involuntary actions in the body by
yourself. Think of it, if God had given you 100 buttons/levers to
control various aspect of the bodily functions -- you will not only go
mad, you will easily go wrong. But if you lead a healthy life, things go
fine just by themselves. So it is with kUNDalini. As long as you do your
prescribed karma, upAsana, bhakti, and aatma vichaara, etc. You are
guaranteed about the progress in the movements of kuNDalini. You *need
not be* even concerned about it.

Having said that, there are safer and indirect (hence, slow) approaches
like kriya yoga taught by Swami Yogananda (which I have learnt) teaches
to move the praNa. The stated benefit is not directly raising kuNDalini
-- but attaining chitta shuddhi. All karma (including yogaabhyasa) can
give only chitta suddhi -- that has to be borne in mind.  How  salvation
is defined varies from tradition to tradition, in our tradition the
final leap comes only through j~naana, be here or in brahma loka.

Some of this matter is quite secretive (for instance, the standard
praNayama in sandhya vandana can be done different ways, and also in the
style of kriya yoga). But I think it is better to leave it a secret. In
fact swamiji goes to the extent of saying that books should NOT publish
everything. And even if they do, they should come up with two editions. 
One general edition for all public and a limited edition, which can
distributed only those who get an authorization for respected elders.
He feels that this matter is not like all open, democratic etc. And
traditional learning from a guru has to be honored (even if a book is
printed for later reference). But these days, we want to pubish 
everything freely on the WWW!!

(I did not follow this thread for most part, hence if my stepping in was
obstructive, I apologize in advance for it).

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