[Advaita-l] Brahman;prakriti;action - manifestation of Atman.

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Just a caution- My understanding might be incorrect, please correct me.

I am currently reading 'Quest for Absolutism' by Swami Ramanujananda.
I need some help from the learned members regarding a few questions that I

There is a question -
"Can this beginningless nescience be explained?
Ans - Brahman is pure consciousness and bliss. Reflection of Brahman is in
this Prakriti. Sattava,Rajas and Tamas are its constituents. This Prakriti
is of two kinds.

What are they
Ans - They are Maya and Avidya. When Prakriti consist of only Sattva, its
called Maya. When prakriti consist of Sattva,Rajas and Tamas its called
Advidya. The reflection of Brahman in Maya is Isavara. He is omniscient; He
controls Maya."

1) What is Prakriti?
I was under the impression that Prakriti is creation of Maya. 

When we say only Brahman existed before creation and nothing else, how can
we have a reflection of Brahman in Maya or Avidya. 
    Are we to understand that it's similar to the words we hear 'Reflect
your thoughts in yourself and you will get answers'. Does the reflection
exist within Brahman?

This leads to another question - How can Brahman pervade in unreal entities?
If we say that the world is unreal and creation of Maya, how is it that
Brahman pervades in them.
    Are we to understand that the creation is visible/experienced as its
reflection of Brahman, which is nothing but pervading?
    OR since maya is the power of Brahman(correct me if I am wrong) in
essence Brahman is pervading.

How can maya be power of a Nirguna Brahman?

"Knower gives up all good and bad action. He mediates only on Brahman. If he
happens to perform any action, he looks upon it as manifestation of

An individual is bounded and attached to action which results in bondage.
Knower here could be an individual with Indirect knowledge?  Which being
aware of Brahman and knowing that the world is unreal also get us liberated
from bondage due to actions.

Thank you very much in advance to your response.

Best Wishes,


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