[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 26, Issue 20

Shankar shankar at tataelxsi.co.in
Sun Jun 26 23:32:00 CDT 2005

Dear Mr.Ravi,

>    1. BG 0.1 (Ravisankar Mayavaram)
> namo.astu te vyAsa viSalAbuddhE pullAravindAyata patra netra |
> yena tvaya bhArata taila purNaH prajvAlito j~nAnamaya pradIpaH || 0.1||
> O vyAsa, to you, who possesses a wide range of knowledge and one has
> eyes beautiful like petals of a lotus flower, my salutations.  It was
> indeed by you the shining lamp of wisdom (gItA)  was lit filled with
> the oil called bhArata.
> vyAsa - O vyAsa
> namaH astu te - to you my salutations
> viSalabuddhE -  one who has a wide range of knowledge. A Tamil work
> called thiruvAsagam when describing the knowledge of God refers to it
> as   wide - covering entire gamut of what is to be known, deep -
> exploring each aspect of it to the depth and subtlety possible.
> (Tamil: Azhndhu aganRa nuNNiyanE)
> pullAravindAyata patra netra - one who has beautiful eyes like petals
> of a lotus flower.
> yena tvayA prajvAlitaH - it was lit by you
> j~nAnamayaH pradIpaH - this light of wisdom
> bhArata taila pUrNaH - filled with the oil called bhArata
> --
> Corrections and additional comments are solicited.

Pls continue this posting, this is agood system of
discussing Gita in a systematic way. Most of
the list members expressed their desire for
a systematic approach, especially, for person
like me who want to dwell in each slokas in detail
and gain further knowledge through the discussion between the learned
members of this list.

 I hope this will continue in the present way and I
suggest ,let us limit the interpretations and comments
on the given translations for week and continue with
the further slokas later on.

Pls consider my request.


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