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Tue Jun 28 18:16:47 CDT 2005

prapanna-pArijAtAya totra-vetraika-pANaye |
j~nAna mudrAyA kR^iShNAya gitAmR^itaduhe  namaH || 0.2||

Salutations to Lord Krishna, who is like the pArijAta vR^ixa to those
who have surrendered to him; who holds a whip in one hand; who show
j~nAna mudra in other; and who extracts the nectar called gItA.

prapanna means one who has surrendered  with the understanding that
Lord alone is his refuge. To him, the Lord is like a pArijAta vR^ixa.
This comparison is weak because such kalpaka vR^ixa-s can offer only
what is desired. But Lord provides what is required and what is
conducive for spiritual growth.  And this may not be necessarily what 
one desires. Since Lord kR^iShNa  is adorning the role of charioteer,
he is has a whip  (tamil chATTai) in his hand. The word totra is
translated as goad, that is a something that impels the animal into
action. Vetra is translated as a stick or a reed. The tamil
translation I have translates it as whip used by charioteers,
typically this a stick with rope tied to its end. It impels the horse
to run and controls it.

This verse indicates the path of a devotee. Lord impels us to act
(trishati calls Her as kArayitri) but not arbitrarily. It is according
to our pUrva karma. When we surrender to Him and let Him steer the
course, He does not merely impel us to act and watch the fun (kArmAdi
sAxiNi), but teaches us the jnAnA that makes us understand that guNa-s
act in the field of gUna-s and a wise man does not think he acts. The
nectar of jnAna that Lord delivers through gItA   quenches the fire of
samsAra and it is His boon to those who have surrendered to Him. This
is truly greater than mere wish granting trees, as it cuts the root of
desire and liberates men.

This verse provides the names/phrases in dative form and could be used
as nAmAvaLi (like Om prapanna pArijAtAya namaH, ...)

Corrections are welcome.

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