[Advaita-l] RE: Vedic Shakhas for kshatriyas and vaishyas?

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 13:38:19 CST 2005

--- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram
<srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com> wrote:
> If you want to express that the other poster is
> wrong,
> you must have supporting arguments. Please do not
> make
> unsupported claims and insult the other poster and
> also your privilege to reply.

While I meant no insult to him, supporting arguments
can be found in the list archives and elsewhere. It is
too easy and the issue only too clear that I did not
bother to provide quotes etc.

By the way what do you think he meant when he said
"they did not read samhitas"? Who did not read?

> By the way would you please let me
> know what research and extensive studies you have
> done
> that your opinion should be considered more
> authoritative than the other poster's.

 That is *not* my opinion. That is the traditional
one. That of Shankaracharya's and others.
I am not saying something new to support with research
or an extensive study.

> Once you claim that the other sUdras and women have
> lost their right in this Kali Yuga, similarly the
> brAhmaNas have lost their soul in this Kali Yuga.

Even if a Brahmana does not follow what he is supposed
to do delusion or negligence, he can be brought back
to the fold using appropriate prayaschittas etc.

>Do the brahmanas see all as
> one
> brahman ? 

 A Brahmana is one born to Brahmin parents and who has
gone through the upanayana ceremony and does whatever
is expected of his ashrama.
Not others. You may refer to Smritis and other

>If you are one who follows all those
> minimum
> injunctions and do not complete with the other
> society
> for jobs, name fame in this mundane world then you
> become eligible to hold your opinions. Until then
> your
> opinions are as good as mine, and other poster's.

 Not my opinion as I said before. There is no
injunction saying a Brahmana should should sit idly
after finishing what is to be done for the day.


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