[Advaita-l] RE: Vedic Shakhas for kshatriyas and vaishyas?

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Tue Jan 18 14:02:21 CST 2005

hariH Om !!

--- Satish Arigela <satisharigela at yahoo.com> wrote:

> >If you are one who follows all those
> > minimum
> > injunctions and do not complete with the other
> > society
> > for jobs, name fame in this mundane world then you
> > become eligible to hold your opinions. Until then
> > your
> > opinions are as good as mine, and other poster's.
>  Not my opinion as I said before. There is no
> injunction saying a Brahmana should should sit idly
> after finishing what is to be done for the day.
> Rgds

Is there a permission that such brahmana can get into
trade, law, medicine for earning living and compete
with other communities ? As per some reference in
Hindu Dharma of paramacharya, he said that a brahmana
should learn all the arts (don't remember specifics)
but not use them for earning living, but teach and
guide the society. So, paramacharya learnt dance (?)
music and other subjects. But, we know he did not earn
money based on that.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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