[Advaita-l] RE: Vedic Shakhas for kshatriyas and vaishyas?

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 18 12:26:31 CST 2005

hariH Om !!

Sri Satish:

If you want to express that the other poster is wrong,
you must have supporting arguments. Please do not make
unsupported claims and insult the other poster and
also your privilege to reply.

Don't use the word 'us' for 'me'. You can beg to spare
yourself alone. By the way would you please let me
know what research and extensive studies you have done
that your opinion should be considered more
authoritative than the other poster's .

Once you claim that the other sUdras and women have
lost their right in this Kali Yuga, similarly the
brAhmaNas have lost their soul in this Kali Yuga. They
do not study vedas, leave alone understand and
practive, they do not do charity, they do not observe
contentedness and devote themselves solely for
attaining the brahman. Do the brahmanas see all as one
brahman ? If you are one who follows all those minimum
injunctions and do not complete with the other society
for jobs, name fame in this mundane world then you
become eligible to hold your opinions. Until then your
opinions are as good as mine, and other poster's.

Paramacharya Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati has
gained the respect of all not because he preached, but
because he practiced what he believed and said, not
even the other current acharyas, as we know now, have
adhered in word and spirit the same principles. Only
when such people who practice preach do we get an open
mind even to listen. But, it still does not guarantee
that we will agree to it.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- Satish Arigela <satisharigela at yahoo.com> wrote:

> --- sidha at omkarananda-ashram.org wrote:

> > Let me make it clear, I have been studying Vedanta
> > from some very
> > traditional masters since the last 20 years. I
> have
> > studied the
> > Prasthanatraya Bhashyam with Ananda Giri's
> > commentary from orthodox
> > traditional masters. 
>   Great!
> >And after I studied the Vedas
> > myself, I came to the
> > conclusion that many of the traditional beliefs or
> > statements in Vedanta
> > regarding the Vedas are totally wrong and are
> > existing because most of the
> > Vedantin simply didn't study the Samhitas.
>  Obviously a wrong conclusion.
>  Most of these might have been discussed earlier
> were
> adddressed before. You can search the archives for
> discussions here.
> http://escribe.com/religion/advaita/index.html
> I think you need to do more research and spare us of
> these long lectures.
> Rgds
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