[Advaita-l] Rasakrida

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Mon Dec 12 06:06:56 CST 2005

Dear all
The Srimad Bhagavatha Mahapuranam is fully devoted to Lord Krishna`s divine plays as an avathar of Lord MahaVishnu.It is told to Parikshith who fully knows he will have to leave the earthly life within seven days.Sukha Brahmam narrates the divine dispensations of Sri Krishna so that Parikshith though not in death bed but knows that he is certain to die at the end of seven days will get peaceful transition.I will say when one believes that as a small boy He-Lord krishna-lifted the Govardhana Giri and therefore called lovingly as Giridhari by great devotee Meera-and held it aloft till the rains lashed by Indra stopped and protected all living beings of Brindavan-then why one cannot  accept the Rasa krida of Lord Krishna with gopies.He is also credited with the play of concealing the Dresses of the gopies -the episode is titled gopi vasthrapaharanam and the gopies were forced to come naked to receive their clothes.Whether this does not seem to discredit His conduct?I will advise that we should read the Sriman Narayaneeyam of Narayana Pattadri and He did raise doubts about Sri KRISHNA`S DOING SUCH AND SUCH THINGS AND it is said that Sri Guruvayur Krishnan said yes by lowering His head to show assent for all such questions.
Therefore one should have either full faith in our scriptures or leave them as such.Before us so many more intelligent people have lived and they have given answers for all these usually unbelievable/unacceptable episodes about Avatars.If one reads Soundarya Lahari of Adi Sankara one will be astounded with the descriptions of Mother Divine`s body frame.Mind you He was a nishtiga brahmachari.
So if some one is not able to digest our Puranas leave them as such as I think their interest is not in understanding the WHOLE purpose but to ridicule by slipshod reading and forming poor opinions.Lastly our brains are not equipped to fathom the Divine leelas as we have our own limitations and prejudices.Krishnamoorthy.

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