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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Sun Dec 11 08:44:57 CST 2005


  I am aged about 43 yeras , born in very religious Smartha family( attched
to Shrigeri Math).

For past five yeras , some sort of urge is pushing me to know more about " 
Self" and the ultimate " Truth" so started reading what al, I get in my 
way towards this goal right from Swami Vivekanada (complete works of swami 
Vivekananda, all volumes), to Paramahams yogananda, those of Osho's 
(commentary on Ashtawakra Geetha, Patankajali yoga sutras etc) an d books 
of swami Virajeshwarsa (scientist search for Truth, know your true self 
and is commentary ob Geethaand also Commentaries on various Upanishads. 
Also attended many mediataion courses (TM of Mahes yogi, Kriya yoga of 
Yogananda and shaja yoga of Ramachandra mission)

Now, I theoritically know what is Truth and looking for ways to experience 
" Tat Vamasi" or " Aham Bhramasmi" for this Meditate atleast twice a day 
and continue to be in same thoughts all the time

Basically I am a Charted Accountant , presently working in Muscat. As long 
, I was in Bangalore, I used to frequent to Swami Virajeshara's ashram 
near Hosur to seek his gudance and blessings. Now (since a year) being far 
away, keep browsing the connected sites in the internet and thats how I 
landed visiting your site too. Felt it could be the right way to be in 
touch with sajjan's satsangh.

This is all about me

I read all the terms and conditions and happily agrre to be abide by the 

With pranams , once again


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