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About Shri Veda Bharathi

India owes its hoary spiritual heritage to the Vedas. The 4 Vedas
were said to have 1131 branches earlier. But now only 13 branches are
traceable (viz., 1% only).

Out of these 13 branches also, only 7 are being chanted at different
parts of the country.The remaining are traceable in script form only.

Even these branches may disappear if immediate steps are not taken to
preserve them. Shri Veda Bharathi has taken up the task of
preservation of Vedic Sabda & Vedic texts and also propagation of
Vedic wisdom.

Founder & Managing Trustee of Shri Veda Bharathi, Shri RVSS
Avadhanulu (M Sc. Nuclear Physics, M.A Sanskrit, Ph.D. in Sanskrit
Presently DEPUTY DIRECTOR Computer Facility Nizam's Institute Of
Medical Sciences Hyderabad) Took up this great work.

The Project got Appreciations and Blessings from The Former President
of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, The Prime Minister of India, Shri
Atal Bihari Vajpayee and many seers of various peethams.

Shri Veda Bharathi has so far created database for more than 200 CDs
of both Audio and Multimedia categories on vedas. The CDs contain the
Vedic Mantras, Swaras and Translations and can be played on computers
with multimedia facilities.

Although considerable ground was covered, a lot more is required to
be accomplished. It is estimated that, subject to availability of
funds, the whole Project of creating database for the Four
Vedas/Upanishadas may take 5 years. But once that is done we would be
sure of preserving the Vedic treasure for future generations on a
permanent basis. The significant advantage is that we would be
preserving them with Swaras as originally taught by Rishis.

An Appeal

Please check this link http://www.shrivedabharathi.org/appeal.htm

Please pass on this information to all friends you have, try to
contribute (take membership or donate money exempt under 80(G) of
Income Tax Act of India), if you have web site add this link to your

Learn Sanskrit on internet http://www.shrivedabharathi.in


Regd. Office :
H. No. : H - 34, Madhura Nagar,
Hyderabad - PIN 500038, India.
Tel: 040 - 23812577
TeleFax. : 0091 - 40 -23812577

Email : vedabharathi at sify.com
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E-mail :Svb_usa at yahoo.com
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