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Amount recent ones we have Mata Amritanandamayi (AMMA) who is still around and who like Ramanamaharishi is a self-enlightened (i.e without any physical guru) mystic. Anandamoyi Ma of Calcutta was also recent. There are also lots of others still living like Karunamayi Devi (Andhra) etc etc.  Even Saradha Devi (spouse of Sree Ramakrishna) is considered enlightened. 
  Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at gmail.com> wrote:

Can someone please point me towards some examples of and sources
pertaining to jnAnis who were / are female in their "last worldly
life" or the life during/at the end of which they were enlightened?

Is Gargi an example? Any in other eras (more recent/ancient)? Is there
any significant vedAntic literature authored by females? For that
matter is there any significant ancient "Indian" literature authored
by women?

I would like access to any such literature, as that is a perspective I
have not yet come across (although that only suggests something about
the shallowness of my own knowledge)

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