[Advaita-l] Re:bruhat sAma

Shyam Venkataraman shyam.venkataraman at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 15:27:51 CDT 2005

 Is Srividya upasana a bedha upasana or an abedha upasana? 

There are some claims by some upasakas practising this upasana like the 
 *"As this vidya is the means of both Bhoga and Moksha, it is taught 
secretly only to eligible persons. The practitioner is also enjoined to keep 
this Upasana secret. Only the person who in crores of births and deaths has 
sung the names of other dieties will develop interest and sincerity in 
singing the names of Mahatripurasundari. Only in the last janma,one becomes 
a Srividya Upasaka. Those who have earned this through their Tapas in many 
Janmas, will enter this Upasana Marga."*
 Is this true? Because the upanishads uniformly declare that karma and 
upasana can only give Jnana Yogyatha, not Jnanam itself. Can somebody 
comment on this claim ?

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