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V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 12:23:48 CDT 2005


In continuation of my earlier mail on this subject I want
to recall to Bhaskar prabhu-ji the mantra (called
bruhat-sAma mantra) that all householders are expected to
recite when they wear the raksha from the holy Fire after
the completion of any homam:

"bRRihat-sAma kshhatra-bhRRit vRRidha-vRRishhNiyaM
tRRishhTubhaujaH shubhitam-ugravIraM / indra stomena
pancha-dashena madhyam-idaM vAtena sagareNa rakshha //"

May this bRRihat-sAma mantra protect us, -- the mantra that
ensures strength, nurtures personality, and bestows
stamina, welfare and valiant sons. Oh Indra, accompanied by
 panchadasha-stoma and sagara, please protect this body
that has appeared on the way!

PraNAms to all seekers of Truth.

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

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