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> “The above statements are thoroughly false. The GYAnI is free
> of
> ALL KARMA, not just of one kind” 
> Badisa: Please look Brahmasutra, 4.1.13 (Tadadhigama 
> Tadvyapadesat). Sri Shankara bhasyam says that, “On the
> attainment of this (that is, knowledge of Brahman), the
> non-clinging and the destruction of later (future actions) and
> earlier sins (sanchita karmas) as per the scriptures” 

The BSB 4.1.13 does not specifically speak about praarabdha from
the GYAnI's viewpoint versus the aGYAnI's.

If the GYAnI were not free from praarabdha, the concept of
jIvanmukti would become impossible. The only way to speak of
jIvanmukti is to hold that the GYAnI has burnt up all karma
(including praarabdha) but the ignorant see the GYAnI's body and
imagine that the GYAnI is still subject to praarabdha. This is
from Shankara's aparokshaanubhuuti as well as Ramana Maharshi's
Talks. Both say that instructions about praarabdha attached to a
GYAnI are only for the ignorant. Perhaps you know better.


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