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Badisa: Please look Brahmasutra, 4.1.13 (Tadadhigama ?. Tadvyapadesat). Sri
Shankara bhasyam says that, "On the attainment of this (that is, knowledge
of Brahman), the non-clinging and the destruction of later (future actions)
and earlier sins (sanchita karmas) as per the scriptures"

praNAms Ramesh prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Thanks for these sUtra & chandOgya references.  But now it has become a
chronic doubt in the minds of advaita vEdAnta followers that whether
ultimate realization of jnAni happens with body or after falling of that
body??  First of all the question needs to addressed is whether there is
really some jIva which is embodied in the bag of flesh & bones ?? whether
that jIva needs to be identified himself/herself with something else i.e.
secondless parabrahman to gain his/her own knowledge of brahman??  And more
importantly,  whether  this jIva still identify him/herself with the body
even after realizing his true nature that he is secondless brahman which is
nirguNa & nirAkAra??  From the absolute point of view, the answer is
absolute NO...For that matter, Sri gaudapAdAchArya himself very clearly
declares that in paramArtha there is no bandha & no mOksha & no baddha
jIva.  So, if we think realized  jnAni has the body consciousness even
after ultimate realization, I think it is bit absurd.  According to
advaita, the knowledge of brahman reveals the fact that the notion of
embodied jIva itself is the result of avidyA!!  so, prArabhda, sanchita or
Agami karma & its phala  etc. etc. comes into picture only & only one
thinks that he is an embodied jIva...as far as my limited knowledge goes
according to advaita  this wrong notion (avidya) will not be there in
jnAna.  For that matter we all know the very intrinsic nature of Atman is
*bodilessness* under these circumstances how can we say jnAni has a body &
it will be suffering from  prArabdha karma  phala??

Shankara in the samanvayAdhikaraNa sUtra bhAshya declares embodiedness is
due to a misconception (sasharIrasya mithyAjnAna nimittatvAt) while
answering pUrvapakshi's observation that *bodilessness can come only after
the falling off of the body and not to one living*...& concludes that
sasharIratva of a jnAni is due to false notion & it is to be the fact that
bodilessness is the very nature of a jnAni even while living*!!

The only possible answer *yes* to the question of existence of a separate
jIva, his bandha state & his final identification with parabrahman after
falling of his body  etc. etc. but only in the vyavahArika view point.
Keeping this vyavahArika drushti (loukika drushti) in mind shankara might
have talked about the would be state of realization after falling off of
the body!!  But it does not anyway mean vidEha mukti is the only ultimate
realization in primary sense and jIvanmukti is only secondary since jIvan
mukta has the body to sustain a little portion or residue of avidyA in the
form of prArabdha karma.

Just few thoughts ............

Humble praNAms
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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