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venkata subramanian wrote:

> This Sridhara is That Sridhara.  (Soyam Sridharaha)
> Venkatanatha -  nothing much about him is known, except that he was -
> according to some, in some way a disciple of one Abhinva Shankara who
> wrote a commentary on Sri Rudra Prasna appearing in the Yajur Veda.
> Some others say that he is a disciple of the author of the famous
> sub-commentary Laghu Chandrika etc.  am not aware much of this.  His
> Sanskrit style is no doubt simple and direct.  His commentary on the
> second and third chapter is very eloborate.  This work has been
> published only once, if my memory goes correct, by Vani Vilas Press,
> Sri Rangam.   He seems to have written a commentary on Thaitreya
> Upanishad too, has not yet been published, to my little knowledge.

Thank you  Venkat.

With the info you gave I did a WorldCat Search and found the following 
reference. It says, he is a disciple of one rAma brahmAnanda tIrtha. 
This book is available in libraries of University of Chicago and 
Columbia University. But the text does not include a translation. 
Technically this book is out of copyright and we can legally scan this 
book into a website.

Following is the record:

Title: 	Bhagavad Gita; with the commentary, Brahmânda-giri, of Venkatanatha.

Author(s): 	Bala-Subrahmanya Aiyar, T. K., ; ed.; Venkatanatha,; 
disciple of Rama Brahmanda Tirtha. ; Brahmandagiri.

Publication: 	Srirangam, Sri Vani Vilas Press,

Year: 	1912

Description: 	v, 2, 614 p. illus.

Language: 	Sanskrit; Added t.p. and text in Sanskrit.

Series: 	Sri Vani Vilas sastra series,; no. 12;

Other Titles: 	Bhagavadgita.

Accession No: 	OCLC: 49482634


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