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Yes, Sri Ravi.
This Sridhara is That Sridhara.  (Soyam Sridharaha)
Venkatanatha -  nothing much about him is known, except that he was - according to some, in some way a disciple of one Abhinva Shankara who wrote a commentary on Sri Rudra Prasna appearing in the Yajur Veda.  Some others say that he is a disciple of the author of the famous sub-commentary Laghu Chandrika etc.  am not aware much of this.  His Sanskrit style is no doubt simple and direct.  His commentary on the second and third chapter is very eloborate.  This work has been published only once, if my memory goes correct, by Vani Vilas Press, Sri Rangam.   He seems to have written a commentary on Thaitreya Upanishad too, has not yet been published, to my little knowledge.
we can also add:-
Sri Shankarananda (Vidya Guru of Sri Vidyaranya) Saraswathi who has written his commentary Gita Tatparya Bodhini on the Gita.  he has attempted to blend Bhamathi and Vivarana.  This commentary is very famous.
Upanishad Brahmendra Yogi's commentary has been published by Adyar Theosophical Society.
There is one Hanumath, whose commentary is Paisacha Bhashya, from Anandasram Pune.

Ravi Mayavaram <ravi at ambaa.org> wrote:
namaste Sri Venkat:

Thank you very much.

a) Is the sridhara you mention same as sridhara svAmi, whose commentary 
is called subodhini? I saw this name in the worldcat search.

b) Who is this venkaTanAthA?

c) We can add j~nAneSvarI to this list under the section other 
commentaries. (http://www.bvbpune.org/contents1.html)

Thank you.


venkata subramanian wrote:

> 10. By Venkata Natha - published by Vani Vilas. Brahmanandeeyam. His
> sanskrit is simple, and at many places, he has given the juice of the
> Bhashya in some places. he attacks Madhva like anything. 

> Sridhara's, Nilakanta's, etc are there.

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