[Advaita-l] Lord Krishna lived for 125 years

Aravind Mohanram psuaravind at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 12:37:39 CDT 2004

My objection was directed towards the language used in describing the appearance and disappearance of the Lord. "Death" as is generally understood is a change of material body - the Lord does not have a material form as is clear from many scriptures. My objection is not directed towards the Swamiji who carried out the study or his methodology which I'm confident is authentic and I'm also in general agreement with his date. 
There is no need to bring in ISKCON here - what I presented was a  common-sense argument supported by scripture - and as u urself said in ur email the study wasn't advaitic in content anyways - seems like u r contradicting urself.

S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:
--- Aravind Mohanram 

> Lord Krishna does not *die* like conditioned souls do. He himself
> condemns this thought in the Bhagavad-gita calling people who think
> that He is just an ordinary human being 'fools' (see 9.11). He is the
> controller of maya (see 9.10) and so there is no question Him
> undergoing birth and death. More appropriate words are "apperance"
> and "disappearance" - just like the sun appears and disappears from
> our vision, the Lord similarly does for the pleasure of His devotees.
> This is the correct and proper understanding. As described in the
> puranas, the Lord appeared to Mother Devaki and Vasudeva in His
> four-handed form of Narayana and then took the form of a child. Now,
> who in this world can claim such a birth? Reducing the Lord to a
> mundane personality and celebrating His "death" anniversary is
> unfortunate and offensive. 

The research was conducted by Swami Gyananand Saraswati, affiliated
with the "Adi Jagatguru Shankaracharya Sodh Sansthan" -- which sounds
definitely like an advaita institution. And the Swamiji uses verses
from scripture to arrive at conclusions regarding Krishna's life. Just
as Krishna's appearance is known by his "birth-date" (and celebrated as
GokulaashhTami), I don't see why his disappearance can also not be
known by his "death-date".

I'm not sure what exactly you are objecting to, and in fact I find your
objection itself to be offensive, in the light of your stating your own
opinions against a Swamiji who is directly quoting scripture. I think
you're trying to view advaita through "ISKCON-tinted glasses", which is
certain to result in misunderstanding.

> Aravind. 


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