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In the Gita Chapter XV Bhagawan mentions about Dvavmou Purushou Loke....one is the Kshara and the other is Akshara.

Kshara the Acharya comments - as the manifest and Akshara - the unmanifest (hope i have understood correct).

my doubts are -

a.  how come Sridharacharya comments Akshara as the Chidabhasa Jeeva ?  In the Tradition, is there not only One Chetana Purusha ?  i cannot understand his stand.

b.  How is the word "Kutastha" derived here ? can someone supply the Sanskrit derivation.  For example, in the XII Chapter, Kutastha means Kute tad Adhyakshataya Thishtathi iti Kutasthaha....which means the Changeless inside principle is taken.  But here in the XV chapter, Acharya tells that Kutastha is synonymous with Prakrithi, Maya, Parivanchana etc.... how will the new derivation come like ?




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