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> Lord Krishna does not *die* like conditioned souls do. He himself
> condemns this thought in the Bhagavad-gita calling people who think
> that He is just an ordinary human being 'fools' (see 9.11). He is the
> controller of maya (see 9.10) and so there is no question Him
> undergoing birth and death. More appropriate words are "apperance"
> and "disappearance" - just like the sun appears and disappears from
> our vision, the Lord similarly does for the pleasure of His devotees.
> This is the correct and proper understanding. As described in the
> puranas, the Lord appeared to Mother Devaki and Vasudeva in His
> four-handed form of Narayana and then took the form of a child. Now,
> who in this world can claim such a birth? Reducing the Lord to a
> mundane personality and celebrating His "death" anniversary is
> unfortunate and offensive. 

The research was conducted by Swami Gyananand Saraswati, affiliated
with the "Adi Jagatguru Shankaracharya Sodh Sansthan" -- which sounds
definitely like an advaita institution. And the Swamiji uses verses
from scripture to arrive at conclusions regarding Krishna's life. Just
as Krishna's appearance is known by his "birth-date" (and celebrated as
GokulaashhTami), I don't see why his disappearance can also not be
known by his "death-date".

I'm not sure what exactly you are objecting to, and in fact I find your
objection itself to be offensive, in the light of your stating your own
opinions against a Swamiji who is directly quoting scripture. I think
you're trying to view advaita through "ISKCON-tinted glasses", which is
certain to result in misunderstanding.

> Aravind. 


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